Chateau Guide


Dear Guests


We wish you a very warm welcome to Château de Chanzé and our beautiful region. It is our pleasure to have you as our guest.


Our aim is to provide you with a comfortable base to enable you to explore the many pleasures and experiences of the Loire Valley.


This Château Guide has been put together to give you easy access to information, so please take some time to familiarise yourself with the property and facilities.


From our family to yours, we wish you an enjoyable stay.   


Michael – Owner/Operators

Tel/Whatsapp (0)6 38 22 53 32

Find us on Instagram & Facebook




A charcoal barbecue and grill for the fire bowl are located in the Utility Room.

Please supply your own charcoal and clean the barbecue after use.



There are 2 bikes in the shed for riding into the village. Please return after use.


Book Swap

Feel free to swap one book for another – available in the Library.


Candles, Incense, Fireworks and Confetti

For the safety of the Château and the entire property we ask you take extreme care when utilizing incense sticks and candles.

Fireworks and Confetti are not permitted.

Please do not carry hot candles around the castle.



Caterers are available by reservation before arrival. For last minute options the local Traiteur (butcher) in Thouarcé may be able to supply and deliver.



Located next to the Pool.


Check Out

Please vacate the Château by 11am at the latest and leave the property as you found it:

·        All crockery, glass and cooking-ware cleaned and put away

·        Kitchen bench and all surfaces clear of food and clean

·        All items are removed from the refrigerator

·        Deposit rubbish bags and recycling in brown or yellow wheelie bins, bottles to the collection point at the                 Super U car park

·        Barbecues are clean


Cots & Highchairs

A cot is available and the high chair is located in the Utility Room. Please ensure the highchair is cleaned upon departure.


Day guests

We ask that day guests are not brought onto the property unless for a wedding or event in which a hosting fee has been charged.



There is a screen, DVD player and DVDs in the Château Salon.


Electronic Equipment

There is a screen, DVD player and DVDs in the free-standing cupboard in the Château Salon.

Use the remotes to turn on both TV and DVD player and place DVD in player.


An amp and free-standing speakers are located in the Great Hall. A cable connects to portable devices. Turn amp on and adjust volume. Mode set to CD. Do not move the equipment or take outside.


We recommend prudence and do not overload the electrical system by using multiple devices at once.



The fireplace in the Great Hall is operational in winter only: open top windows by piano in order to achieve a draft when lighting the fire.


A fire bowl in the courtyard can be used year-round. Firewood is supplied and stacked by the outdoor table. Extra firewood is charged to the guest.

Please do not use the ‘display’ wood in the non-functional fireplaces


First Aid

A kit is available in the dresser in the entrance hall.



We ask that care is taken with the antique furniture of the Castle and not to be moved around without prior consent.

Please use place mats in the buffet in the Great Hall and kitchen for hot pots.



Outdoor games are located in the Utility Room.

Footballs are not encouraged on the property.



The Castle has central heating throughout with radiators and fan heating.

To alter the temperature, turn the wheel valve on the radiators or the bottom dial on the fan heaters.

Please keep all doors closed to keep the heat in especially in The Tower.

Additional electric heaters are available.


Iron & Ironing Board

Located in the Utilities Room


Kitchen Facilities


Fridge/freezer, small oven, dishwasher, electric jug, toaster, coffee machine, coffee plunger, pots, pans, crockery/cutlery/utensils and glassware. Dishwasher pods, dish-washing liquid, cloths and drying towels are provided along with a small number of herbs and spices, salt and pepper, coffee pods, ground coffee and sugar.


To enable us to provide the best service possible to our guests, please advise us of any breakages or damage.


Laundromat & Laundry

A self-service Laundromat is available at the Super U in Thouarcé.

There is a washing machine and drying racks in the Utility Room.



The books in Castle Library are for enjoyment during your stay.

Or you can swap a book in the Pool Lounge.


Outdoor Furniture

Cushions for the pool furniture is stored in the Pool Lounge.

Sanitiser and cloths are available in the Pool Lounge for the loungers.


Cushions for the Chateau furniture are in the hallway and Utility Room.


Please close the umbrellas after use or in high wind and return cushions.



Amplified music is to be brought inside after midnight.

No fireworks! No stilettos.



The pool is open from 8am until 9pm.

Children MUST be supervised.

No glass, crockery or sharp objects in or around the pool.

Plastic cups are located in the Pool Lounge.

You are welcome to supply, and dispose of, your own inflatable pool toys.


Pool Lounge

Open from 8am – 9pm.

A Lounge with WIFI, tourist information, DVDs, tables, chairs and toilet.



The Layon River next to the Château is un-fenced, peaceful and abundant with life. Please respect the river, the surrounds and its inhabitants.



Outside only and use ashtrays supplied.


Tables & Chairs

Additional furniture and decorations are available in the Utility Room:

8-10 person trestle tables x 5

Plastic chairs x 26



Outdoor glass top table and 14 chairs

Wine barrel bar (optional)

Spare tables, various sizes x 2



Banquet table and 18 chairs


Toilets/Septic Tank

PLEASE do not flush feminine hygiene products, baby wipes or other non-biodegradable items down the toilet

Towels, Toilet Paper & Soap

You are supplied with a towel for the duration of your stay. Towels will be changed if stay is longer than 7 days. Additional towels will incur a charge.


The Château comes provided with an initial supply of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, dish wash and cleaning products.



Across the road from the Château is a grass ramp which leads up to a trail from the former railway line ‘Le Petite Anjou’.

Turn right takes you 1.2km to Thouarcé.

Turn left follow cycle sign 25km to Chalonnes-sur-Loire.

Head up the hill for vineyards and views.



Some parts of the Château are extremely old and delicate.

For your safety - please refrain from climbing walls and take care when standing on the river bank wall.


Washing Machine & Drying Racks

Located in the Utilities Room.


Turn on Power button and select desired cycle by using program button, select water temperature, spin option and then simply press start. (Check the tap is on if it does not start).


Waste & Recycling

Reduce, reuse and recycle – all help to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away.

 ·         The chateau kitchen has a yellow and green bin for recycling

·         All other rubbish must be placed in rubbish bags (supplied)

·        Deposit rubbish bags and recycling in brown or yellow wheelie bins, bottles to the collection point at the Super U car park



Aluminium – Cans

Plastic - Bottles and containers

Cardboard – Cartons




Rubbish bags only – no loose rubbish



Empty bottles and jars

Please wrap securely and dispose of broken glass in the rubbish bin



The tap water is ok to drink.



Is available by the Pool. The code is chateauchanze


This service is free and unlimited, however, the speed is governed by how much data is attempted to be downloaded at the same time.



The handmade leadlight windows are to be treated with extreme care.

Please ensure they do not slam in the wind and use caution.

Do not press on glass.

The shutters are for blocking light and extra warmth.


Activities & Attractions

Brochures for many attractions are available in the Pool Lounge





Walk or cycle amongst the vineyards of the Layon starting just across the road, take a guided tour of Château de Brissac the tallest Chateau in France, a game of tennis at Faye d’Anjou, peruse the Art Gallery or epecurian store in Rablay-sur-Layon, taste wine at the many wineries around the countryside, dine at a 1 Star Michelin Restaurant, play at the Water Fun Park in Brissac, observe the birds and wildlife of the Layon, rose gardens or Zoo at Doué-la-Fontaine.



View the magnificent Apocalypse Tapestry and Château d'Angers, drift above the countryside in a Montgolfière, tour the one and only Cointreau Distillery, view the spectacle of the Cadre Noir Horse Show, Châteaux of the Loire, walk amongst villages of charm and character, kayak or discover the Loire River by boat, tour the beauty and splendor of the Oriental Park of Maulévrier, be amazed by Les Machines de l'île in Nantes, or the incredible Puy du Fou historical theme park, Terra Botanica theme park for kids, Troglodyte Villages the miniature underground sculpture park Pierre et Lumiere and mushroom museum, Slate Mines, Tank Museum.

For the Children


BioPark (Zoo de Doué-la-Fontaine), TerraBotanica theme park, Anjou Wake Park, Saumur Forest Aventures and Parcours Aventure (tree-walking adventure park), Puy du Fou historical theme park, Les Machines de L’île  Nantes, the Blue Mine, Tank Museum in Saumur, La Cage Riders Park, Canoe, Paddle, Kayak, play at the water fun park in Brissac



Taste a range of wines the Anjou region offers :

Domaine des Noëls on your left towards Faye d’Anjou

Château De Fesles in Bonnezeaux or Château du Fresne in Faye d’Anjou

Discover many wines of the Loire at Caves de la Loire



The local bar/tabac in central Thouarcé by the Church and Maire

The bar/tabac and postal service in Faye d’Anjou opposite the bakery is open 7 days.


Monkey Bar Restaurant – 02 41 17 96 22 open 7 days and overlooks the Maine and Loire River confluence in Bouchemaine


Canon Canon – 09 67 26 86 59 artisanal beer and wine bar, open Wednesday to Sunday in Rochefort-sur-Loire


Donald’s Pub & Shop – craft beer in central Angers plus a separate shop


Velenjak – quirky pub in central Angers with plenty of beer. 



There are two Boulangeries in central Thouarcé by the Church, Mairie and bar.


In the village of Faye d’Anjou (opposite direction) at the boulangerie by the Church you can ask for the ‘la Gustive baguette’ – our favourite.


We recommend you investigate the many Boulangeries around the region for their individual specialties.



Restaurants & Dining


We suggest you make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment, particularly on weekends and during holiday season.


L’Auberge du Vigneron – 02 41 44 13 99 close by, English speaking and family friendly

Aux 2 terrasses – 02 41 68 49 87 traditional cuisine from local producers, nearby in Brissac

Auberge du Layon - 02 41 78 32 55 quirky pizzeria in nearby Rablay

La Table de la Bergerie – 02 41 78 30 62 Michelin Star nearby in Champ-sur-Layon

La Corniche - 02 41 78 67 00 market cuisine from fresh produce nearby in Saint-Aubin de Luigné

Le Bistrot des Quais - 02 41 78 25 21 open 7 days, beside the Loire in Chalonnes-sur-Loire

La Guinguette Chez Jojo – 02 41 54 64 04 traditional, riverside pop-up restaurant next to the Loire

La Route du Sel – 02 41 45 75 31 beside the Loire in the ‘village of charm and character’ Le Thoureil

Auberge Bienvenue - 02 41 59 22 44 regional cuisine fresh from the markets in Doué-la-Fontaine

La Soufflerie – 02 41 87 45 32 a variety of souffle, crepes and salads in central Angers

Chateau Colbert – 02 41 55 51 33 Fine Dining next to Parc Oriental in Maulévrier


Vegetarian friendly

One Way – Gallery and tea room for lunch and snacks

Le Punjab - 02 41 87 15 03

Any creperie is also good for vegetarian options


Supermarkets & Charcuterie Traiteur


There are two supermarkets near the Château:


In the village of Thouarcé is the well-stocked Super-U Supermarket where you can also hire party equipment, a petrol station and Laundromat.


A larger ‘Hyper-U’ is situated in Mûrs-Erigné a 20 minute drive away.


Charcuterie Traiteur Combas in central Thouarcé is not only a butcher but also a caterer which can supply for large events or individual takeaway meals.


Goût Layon a local epicurean store in nearby Rablay-sur-Layon. 

Train Station Gare d’Angers Saint Laud


The train station is located 30km north in Angers. We suggest you allow approximately 40 minutes for your journey.


You can reserve a taxi by calling Allo Angers Taxi 02 41 87 65 00


We also offer a shuttle service for €50 for up to 4 guests.

A couple of our favourite road trips

1.   From the Château drive in the direction of Le Thoureil which offers a great walk beside the river then turn up one of the alleys to walk on a short trail behind the beautiful homes – then follow the river in the direction of Gennes, Saumur then Montsoreau – finish the journey with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese at En fin du Vin (specialty wine cave and bar) in Candes-Saint-Martin.


2.   From the Château drive west towards Savennières via Rochfort-sur-Loire and stop for a walk around the historical island village of Béhuard and check out the little church on the rock – then drive for 5 minutes to Savennières and pop into Domaine du Closel at Château des Vaults for a tasting of the world known Chenin Blanc and tour of the park and vineyards – then to the Monkey Bar at La Pointe for a refreshment and views of the confluence of the Maine and Loire rivers.

In an Emergency:


A fire extinguisher is located in the Great Hall



Property Managers: Sonia and Michael

+33 06 38 22 53 32


Fire 18

Police 17

Ambulance 15


Hospital (Angers) 02 41 35 36 37

Poison Control 02 41 48 21 21

On Call Doctor 02 41 33 16 33

Urgent Dentist 02 41 87 22 53


Property Address

Château de Chanzé,

Faye d’Anjou

F-49380 Bellevigne en Layon

(The road D120 Between Faye d’Anjou & Thouarcé)